Global Surgery Webinar


5th June 2021, 2-3:30pm GMT

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In this Global Surgery Webinar brought to you by InciSioN Sierra Leone, our panel of student, Surgeons, Anesthetists, and early career physicians will discuss the concepts, tenets and thinking of Global Surgery.  See below for more details on the sessions.

Many thanks to InciSioN Global and Emergency Surgical Centre for their support



The Emerging Field of Global Surgery


Current State of SOA care in Africa

What can be done?

The Future of Global Surgery


Why Global Surgery? Why now?



Meet Our Chair


Meet Our Speakers


Dr Joffre Guzman Laguna 
Joffre Guzman Laguna is an M.D. from Universidad El Bosque in Bogotá, Colombia. Joffre carried out his medical internship at the Central Military Hospital of Bogotá, embarking on special rotations in Clinical Research and Surgical Oncology. His more recent projects have been developed with the Innovation Research Group at the Central Military Hospital of Bogotá, where he’s worked closely with biomedical engineers and physical therapists to develop medical devices, which are now close to starting clinical trials.
He also took on the role of co-chair of InciSioN Colombia during 2020 and was a major player in the organization of IGSS 2020. He is the current co-chair of InciSioN Global and  hopes to one day become a thoracic surgeon and continue to apply the concepts of global surgery, held to a greater standard of social responsibility.


Dr Ulrick Sidney Kanmounye

Dr Ulrick Sidney is an Operation Smile Global Surgery Fellow and the founding President of the Association of Future African Neurosurgeons. He is a 2019-2020  Global Neurosurgery research associate at Harvard Medical  School. His interests include neurosurgery and medical education.

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Dr Eva Hanciles

Dr Eva Hanciles is the Head of the Department of Anaesthesia, University of Sierra Leone Teaching Hospitals Complex, as well as a Board Member of Faculty of Anaesthesia, West African College of Surgeons. A Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists of RCSI and of the West African College of Surgeons, she currently heads the Intensive Care Unit at the only tertiary hospital in Sierra Leone and lectures nurse anaesthetists. Dr Hanciles has worked with Lifebox in providing pulse oximeters and training nurse anaesthetists in oximetry. She has been very instrumental in the training of anesthesia residents and development of the national surgical postgraduate college in Sierra Leone.


Ms Makinah Haq

Makinah Haq is a medical student at King’s College London,currently pursuing an intercalated degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London. She was a Class of 2019 Campus Director and Millennium Fellow, a programme run jointly by the Millennium Campus Network and United Nations Academic Impact in which she developed her initial interests in the area of global equity and ethics by implementing a social impact project that focused on soft skills development. From joining the 2020 InciSioN International/Education Team,Makinah is now the 2021 Vice President of Internal Affairs and hopes to expand the organisational development of InciSioN to continuously empower students, trainees and early career physicians within Global Surgery. Makinah is also part of the EANS Diversity in Neurosurgery Task Force, the EANS CSF Task Force and the WFNS Global Neurosurgery Committee. Her interests lie in Global Neurosurgery, Medical Education and Healthcare Equity.


Dr Isaac O. Smalle

Dr. Isaac O. Smalle is a Surgical Oncologist at the Connaught Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is a Member of the West African College of Surgeons, A Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Sierra Leone. He is the Coordinator of the National Surgical Forum of Sierra Leone and a Member of the Regional SOA working group of the West African College of Surgeons. He is a lecturer is Clinical Anatomy and Surgery, College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences University of Sierra Leone. Dr. Smalle is a PhD student in Global Health Research (Global surgery) at King’s College London and a Member of the African Perioperative Research Group (APORG)

Prof Salome Maswime

Salome Maswime is an associate Professor and the Head of the  Global Surgery Division at the University of Cape Town; an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist; a World Economic Forum Young Scientist; Next Einstein Fellow; and President of the South African Clinician Scientists Society. She is a former research fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and former lecturer at the Wits University. She is a trustee of the South African Health Systems Trust, and associate editor of the South African Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; and a member of UNITARs’ Global Surgery Foundation leadership team.

Meet The Organising Team


Dr Mohamed Bella Jalloh


Dr Marcella Ryan-Coker


Dr Emeka Haffner

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